About the Regulatory Compliance & Training Assistance Program


USWAG is responsible for addressing solid and hazardous waste issues on behalf of the utility industry. Our core mission is to support the industry's efforts to comply with federal environmental regulations, protect the environment and serve its customers. As part of that effort, USWAG engages in regulatory advocacy, regulatory analysis and compliance assistance, and information exchange pertaining to CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, CWA-SPCC, DOT, PHMSA, UST and HMTA.

The Regulatory Compliance & Training (“RCT”) Partnership will provide energy companies with a “toolkit” to support their and their members’ regulatory compliance.

As an RCT Partner, your organization will have access to the following:

  • High-level analyses of proposed and final regulations relating to RCRA, TSCA, CWA-SPCC, DOT, PHMSA, HMTA, and CERCLA
  • Regulatory compliance training modules addressing TSCA, RCRA, SPCC and hazardous materials transportation issues
  • A compendium of Interpretative letters issued by EPA regarding PCB Regulations
  • A compendium of Interpretative letters issued by DOT regarding hazardous materials transportation
  • Notice of important Federal Register notices
  • Information on important updates to EPA and DOT Regulatory Agenda

These materials would be made available to Partners on an RCT-dedicated (log-in required) webpage.


Entities eligible to become RCT Partners include cooperative or publicly-owned entities engaged in the generation/production, transmission, or distribution of electricity, natural gas, or other energy sources. Statewide Electric Cooperative Associations and Joint Action Agencies consisting of individual cooperatives or municipal utilities could also become RCT Partners and will be able to share RCT Resources within their individual memberships.


  • RCT Partners would not be USWAG members and would not be allocated a vote for any issue requiring USWAG member action or approval
  • RCT Partners would not have the ability to attend Committee meetings or to obtain compliance counseling from USWAG Counsel
  • RCT Partners would not have access to any privileged and confidential information provided to USWAG members, nor would they be able to access members-only portions of the USWAG website

Fee Structure:

The annual fee for individual cooperatives or public power providers would be $1000.

Fees for Statewide Associations and Joint Action Agencies would be based on the number of individual members represented by these groups as follows:


Fewer than 10 unique members:

$ 5,000

10 20 unique members:


Greater than 20 unique members:



To apply, please complete the USWAG RCT application and hit the submit button.

For more information, contact USWAG Executive Director Daniel Chartier(daniel.chartier@uswag.org; 202-508-5645).


Program acronyms used on this page include:

CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, a.k.a. “Superfund”

RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (governing solid and hazardous waste management, including coal ash);

CWA-SPCC - Clean Water Act - Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure

TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act which regulates PCBs, Asbestos, and other toxic chemicals

PHMSA- Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration

UST - Underground Storage Tank

HMTA Hazardous Materials Transportation Act which governs small quantities of hazardous materials utility may transport in their utility vehicles including batteries, PCB text kits, and SF6-containing equipment.