About The USWAG Decommissioning Facility Membership

The USWAG Decommissioning Facility Membership (DFM) is open to companies that purchase a utility site which has been engaged in the generation/production, transmission, or distribution of electricity, natural gas, or other energy sources, for purposes of decommissioning the site, including, but not limited to brownfield development, closing and/or conducting corrective action for CCR units, and recovering CCR for beneficial use.

The benefits of USWAG Decommissioning Facility Membership include: 

  • Access to regulatory updates and summaries
  • Access to online compliance and training webinars and resources
  • Access to Technical Committee webpages providing relevant information and resources
  • Opportunity to attend in-person and virtual Technical Committee meetings
  • Opportunity to attend in-person and virtual workshops at the same rate as full members
  • Opportunity to obtain member counseling (consistent with the USWAG "one-hour" member counseling limit)

The limitation of USWAG DFM include:  

  • DFMs would be a distinct category of membership and would not be allocated a vote for any issue requiring USWAG member action or approval.
  • DFMs could have representatives on the relevant USWAG technical committees but would not have a representative on the USWAG Policy Committee.
  • USWAG information provided to DFMs would be for the sole purpose of the environmental operations at the identified utility site at which the DFM has purchased for purposes of decommissioning

DFM dues would be based on a per-site acreage formula:

Acreage Owned
 Up to 250
 250 - 500
 500 - 1000
 1000 - 2000
 2000 - 3000
 3000 - 4000
 >4000  1.00

For further information on the USWAG Affiliate Program, please contact Dan Chartier at:

Utility Solid Waste Activities Group
701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Third Floor
Washington, D.C. 20004-2696
Phone: (202) 508-5465
Email: dan.chartier@uswag.org  

To apply, download and complete the USWAG Decommissioning Facility Membership application.