How to Join

Thank you for your interest in USWAG. Membership is open to: 

  • Operating Energy Company Members, defined as investor-owned, cooperative or publicly-owned entities engaged in the generation/production, transmission, or distribution of electricity, natural gas, or other energy sources;
  • Holding Company Members, defined as corporations in the United States having an ownership interest in one or more Operating Energy Companies; and
  • Trade Association Members, defined as incorporated associations whose members consist of Operating Energy Companies. 

As a USWAG member, benefits include:

  • Copies of all USWAG mailings which describe and analyze proposed regulations, legislative proposals, legal developments and technical issues relating to RCRA, TSCA, HMTA, and CERCLA.
  • Prompt, specialized, and cost-effective advice from USWAG legal counsel
  • Representation on the USWAG Policy Committee, technical committees and task forces, which will enable you to help establish and implement policy regarding solid and hazardous waste and chemical management issues
  • Regulatory success which translates into significant cost savings for USWAG members
  • Access to the USWAG Members-Only Website, which includes a searchable Archive of USWAG mailings and Issue Papers on over 100 solid, hazardous waste, and chemical management subject areas

Membership Dues

If your company meets the above criteria for USWAG membership, you may determine an estimate for your company's dues:

  • Download the current USWAG dues formula.
  • Using the formula, determine your company's total shares (by adding together the shares for total capacity, coal capacity, electric sales, and gas sales). Each component of the formula (total capacity, coal capacity, electric sales, gas sales) has its own share amount, which is determined by what range your data for that component fits into.
  • The completed form will give you an estimate for what your company's USWAG dues would be.

Additional Information 


For further information on USWAG, please contact Executive Director, Daniel Chartier at: 


Utility Solid Waste Activities Group
701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Third Floor 
Washington, D.C. 20004-2696
Fax: (202) 508-5150


To apply for membership, download and fill out the USWAG membership application and 
return it via fax or mail.