2021 USWAG CCR Workshop Series

Thursday, April 8, 2021 - Session 1 - Webinar

Thursday, May 6, 2021 - Session 2 - Webinar

Thursday, June 3, 2021 - Session 3 - Webinar

Thursday, July 1, 2021 - Session 4 - Webinar

Thursday, August 5, 2021 - Session 5 - Webinar


The 2021 USWAG CCR Workshop will be conducted through a series of webinars, once a month, from April 8 through August 5, 2021. The Workshop will focus on CCR Rule compliance, groundwater monitoring/corrective action, impoundment and landfill closure, and other key issues. 
The CCR Workshop series including dates, times, CCR workshop topics and presenters, can be found HERE
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A separate webinar link will be sent to registrants a week before each session.

Slide Presentations

Session 1 - The Concrete Dewatering Tank – A Lower-cost Solution to ELG and CCR Compliance (Garrett Smith and Scott Bryan, AECOM Tim Hamilton, AECI Sam Hill, Bowen)

Session 1 - Action Leakage Rates for Coal Combustion Residuals Surface Impoundments (John R. Klamut and Nina J. Balsamo, GAI Consultants)

Session 1 - Right Sizing CCR Landfill Cell Construction and Development (Ryan P. Hurt, Kevin P. Resnik, and W. Josh Duckworth, GAI Consultants)

Session 1 - Sustainable and Cost-Effective Alternative for CCR Beneficial Use (Marina Kozhukhova, Ramboll)

Session 2 - Remedial Planning Incorporating Geochemistry, Microbial Community Genetics, and Fate and Transport Considerations at an Inactive CCR Landfill (Rob Ferree, CPG; Ryan Fimmen, PhD., Geosyntec Consultants; Harold D. Register, P.E., Consumers Energy)

Session 2 - Groundwater Treatability Study Results – Getting the Chemistry Right (Jason Curtsinger, P.E, TVA, Scott Veenstra, AECOM)

Session 2 - Incorporating Adaptive Site Management into Groundwater Corrective Action with a Focus on Monitored Natural Attenuation (Eric E. Wallis, JD, PG & Lauren ParkerCollins, Southern Company Services, Inc.)

Session 2 - Impoundment CCR Characterization, Monitoring System and Planned Remedy (Ed Sciulli and John R. Klamut, GAI Consultants)

Session 3 - A Case Study - Bottom Ash Impoundment and Bottom Ash Landfill Closure at Great River Energy's Stanton Station (Kayla Moden, Ryan Shedivy, Craig Schuettpelz, Shane Stockdill, Great River Energy)

Session 3 - Pre-Design Bench-Scale Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Ash Pond Closure in Place Using In-Site Soil Stabilization (Marc B. Okin, CPG, NiSource, Jeffery A. Miller, P.E., William J. Haswell, P.E., Sonya Burns, P.E., Kevin Corcoran, and Julia Scott, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.) 

Session 3 - CCR Landfill Final Cover Test Pad - (Nina J. Balsamo, John Massey-Norton, John R. Klamut, Terry Queen, Charles F. Straley, and Mark R. Lehner, GAI Consultants)

Session 3 - Data/Quality-Based Geomembrane Field Seaming Evaluation for CCR Projects - (Evan Andrews, PE, Duke Energy Carolinas, Kenneth R. Daly, PE, Wood plc Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc)

Session 3 - CCR Impoundment Clean Closure - A Case Study (Lara Zawaideh-Syrocki and Molly Reeves, HDR Engineering, Inc)

Session 4 - Selection of Groundwater Corrective Action, Laramie River Station (Kevin L. Solie, P.E., Basin Electric, Dennis P. Connair, P.G. and Gregg Somermeyer, P.E., AECOM)

Session 4 - Using the Geochemical Method and Advanced Geologic Conceptual Site Models to Effectively Demonstrate Alternative Sources of Appendix III (Boron and Fluoride) & IV Constituents (Arsenic, Molybdenum, and Lithium) - (Nicholas J. Tucci, Mark Miesfeldt, Charles Payne, and Scott Hensel, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.)

Session 4 - Attenuation and Source Zone Depletion of Boron from Coal Combustion Residuals in Groundwater (J. P. Brandenburg, Ph.D., P.G., and David Hagen, Principal, Haley & Aldrich, Inc)

Session 4 - Field and Laboratory Protocol for Monitored Natural Attenuation Demonstration for Coal Combustion Residuals Constituents in Groundwater (Jim Redwine, Dimitri Vlassopoulos, and Kristi Mitchell: Anchor QEA, LLC Greg Dyer, Greg Budd, and Lauren Parker: Southern Company Services, Inc.)

Session 5 - Phytoremediation Using TreeWell Technology: An Innovative Approach to Groundwater Remediation at CCR Sites (Herwig Goldemund, Ph.D. and Jim Linton, Geosyntec Consultants)

Session 5 - Challenges Using Data Generated by LEAF Methods in Risk Evaluations (Kathleen A. Radloff, Ph.D.,  Ari S. Lewis, M.S.,  Andrew B. Bittner, M.Eng., P.E., Gradient)

Session 5 - Problems with the Federal CCR Rule Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action Regulations and Possible Work-Arounds (Bob Glazier, P.G., Geosyntec)

Session 5 - Geochemical Explanations for Strong Natural Attenuation of Molybdenum, Selenium, and Lithium in a Groundwater Plume (Jacob Chu and J.P. Brandenburg, Haley & Aldrich, Inc)


Webinar Session Recordings

Session 1 - Thursday, April 8, 2021

Session 2 - Thursday, May 6, 2021

Session 3 - Thursday, June 3, 2021

Session 4 - Thursday, July 1, 2021

Session 5 - Thursday, August 5, 2021


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